Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good Things to Share

  Great things to share today:
  • Carol from Brown Quilts is organizing a wonderful pillowcase drive for her dear friend.  If you haven't already read about this, please visit Brown Quilts here to hear Carol's story.  Bring your tissues.
  • Would you like to contribute to Google?  Visit this link to vote for amazing young artists that are competing for the chance to win the Google logo contest.  You'll find incredibly talented young artists' renditions of the Google symbol.  You can only vote once in each category.  Be sure to click through all of the pictures in each age category.  What a great opportunity for emerging artists!!
  • Have you heard about Quilt Deal?   I really don't have a lot of information about it - you can check it out yourself here at this link.  Here is information straight from the site:

Quilt Deal will be "the very first online website designed for quilters around the world to BUY & SELL in an international flea market.

There is someone out there in our quilting community who is just waiting for what you have to sell! Maybe you have a sewing machine you are no longer using and you want to sell it and make some extra cash. Or maybe you can't afford to buy a new sewing machine, and you are looking for a good second hand one to purchase, well is the place to go to make the deal! For $5.00 per item, you can post items you have to sell! Post your item with details and pictures for up to 2 months!

The categories for you to buy and sell things include fabric, quilts, sewing machines, thread, buttons, books, magazines, tours, notions, embroidery items, patterns, kits, jewelry, services for quilters and much more! Create your own "store" where quilters can visit and see everything you have to offer. If you are a quilt shop owner or you manufacture products for quilters, this website will be extraordinary international exposure for your product and enhance your profit considerably!"

The piece that I wanted to share about Quilt Deal is that from May 9th until May 15th, you can list up to 10 items free of charge.  This would be a great way to test out the site.  It seems to me that the site will be like a quilter's Ebay.

  • A beautiful Blackwork stitchery pattern - I just love this!! Check out the pattern here.

  • Finally, you are looking for a crochet project, check out this tutorial from Solveig in Norway - so pretty!!


  1. I just ordered that blackwork pattern. I simply couldn't resist it! :0)

  2. You're right, great things to share! Love that blackwork pattern, and a quilter's ebay? HEAVEN!!!!!

  3. Great things you are sharing indeed! Love the Blackwork....I am resisting!!
    I will check out that Quilters Ebay type thing.Not that I am a quilter!!! But you never know what you may find. Thanks for sharing these great finds of yours

  4. I LUV the cute..SO cute puppy picture at the beginning of your blog!...thanks for sharing some great info...the crochet blanket...I gotta go check out that pattern. thanks again!


  5. Hello Laurie, thankyou for the links and I enjoyed your post...going over to checkout the blackwork pattern...hugs lyn


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