Friday, July 1, 2011

Here and There

Our Clinton Maine house - know anyone that wants to buy a house??!!
Hello friends!
Just wanted to share a few things here and there.  I thought I'd show you a picture of our house in Maine - so much work to do.  Although last night I had a dream that a woman walked into our dining room and fell in love with the house and wanted to buy it right away.  In the dream, there was an antique table in the kitchen as you walk in, with a vase of flowers in the middle of the table, on top of a doily.   I went to town today and purchased an antique table with an old vase and doily that will go in the kitchen - to be seen as you first walk in the door.  Maybe it's a crazy thing to do - but it can't hurt!  

I decided to make a circle appliqué quilt with the fabric that I purchased last post.  I thought it would be a good way to highlight each of the beautiful fabrics and it would be something I could work on by hand - at least to start!  I'm also trying to catch up with the stitching for the Miss Shabby Birdie BOM's.  I just finished March!  I've given up trying to keep up with the Civil War BOW's - I'm going to pick and choose blocks when I get back to Texas to work on.  I'm letting go of trying to keep up with everything - now I'm just trying to do what makes me happy at the moment.  

One more question for you - do you know how to link Blogger to Facebook so that each time you publish a new post, it also posts on Facebook?  I just can't figure it out!  AND........I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit you on your blogs as much as I like to - after we list the house I'm hoping to get back to "normal"!! 

I wanted to share a few things that I had forgotten to appreciate while I was here living in New England.  Hope you enjoy the pictures. 
One of 7 Bald Eagles flying over the Kennebec

The Kennebec in Winslow, Maine

MY Wisteria vine! So rare in Maine!!

Living 5 minutes away from a great fishing place!

Old graveyards

Horses in green pastures


  1. I hope the table and vase of flowers does the trick. Wouldn't that be funny if it came through from a dream?

    Everything looks so lush and green there now. Very pretty.

  2. I love your home and enjoyed the pictures...

  3. I love your Home and wish I could at least have visited once. I hope you get a speedy sale. As for your you said it certainly can't hurt:)

  4. Good luck with selling the house! We had a wisteria at our last house and I sure do miss it.

  5. Sweetie, I would buy that beautiful home right now if I could - 5 minutes from a lovely fishing hole? Wow! I'm praying it sells very quickly. BEAUTIFUL pics of the area.

  6. Hello Laurie, I hope all goes well with the sale of your house....we do have strange dreams at times...hope it does the trick....Hugs Lyn

  7. I hope that woman walks in past your antique table with the flowers soon!

    For Facebook, you have to go to "my notes" and there should be a button or a link, on the left to import or import settings. Then, you just have to plug in your blog address.

  8. Beautiful home - not like the tiny little shoe boxes that we live in in England (and pay through the nose for!).


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