Thursday, January 5, 2012

Photo 5/366

Now that the kids and hubby are back to school - it's back to me time!  In reality, that means cleaning the house after almost 3 weeks of holidays, laundry, menu planning, bill paying and re-arranging all the new "stuff".  Then, maybe I'll have some me time.  Any of this sound familiar?

We are deciding to expand our house rather than look to buy another house.  Our house in Maine hasn't sold, so we are also thinking it may be time to rent it out before our budget is totally blown.   Looking for bathroom and kitchen designs has now been added to the "me" menu.  I was thinking that maybe I should look to Pinterest for ideas, but I really am afraid to venture there.  I have a feeling my addictive personality will take over and I will spend hours looking at magnificent pictures.  I already have a hard time with an online game called Connect Two - so I think that maybe I should refrain from Pinterest! 

Thank you so much for your comments on my photos - this is a really fun challenge and I am hoping that I can follow through with the whole year.  Thank you to Robyn for creating this challenge!  Hopefully soon I will be able to show you some crafty pictures - now that I have the house back to myself!


  1. Yes it all sounds familiar to me also!! Only thing it's just me,plus the dog & cat!! LOL

  2. Laurie :-) ALL THAT GOOD WEATHER :-) ha ha...

    I have seen your photo's. All beautifully taken especially of Oreo :-)
    :-) X X X

  3. Yes familiar I'm sure to many of us!
    Loving your photos Laurie.

  4. I have enjoyed your and Tangos photos...

  5. Yay for "me" time, lol! Yes, you will get addicted to Pinterest. But it's a great place to look at remodeling ideas! AND you can keep them organized. Yes, I'm hooked myself, lol....

  6. That's a great Back To School photo :) Pinterest is great, but can be addictive. Enjoy some "you" time!

  7. How fun is that, to see you again!
    Love your new challenges. Glad you joined the Pipsters (o:
    I am doing the Photo Challenge on my iPhone. One picture each day on a calendar.
    Happy weekend!

  8. I hear ya!! Time to get things back to normal, what-ever normal is!

  9. OH!!! Almost forgot-PINTREST!! OMG-Talk about burning time on the computer! YEP, you will find me there! lol!! Let me know if you ever want an invite, I'd be more than happy to dangle that carrot in front of you!


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