Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 42/366

Here's my very first applique block!  It's Block One of Raspberry Rabbits BOM for this year.  You can find a link to Michelle's blog HERE
Now, if you want a smile, visit the Flickr group HERE to see all of the blocks that have been made.  Take a look at everyone else's blocks and then look at mine - notice anything different??  Mine is completely backwards!! Very typical of me! Oh well!


  1. Very nice! I wanted to do that BOM but I don't have the wool for it. Besides, I have lots of other projects to keep me busy! LOL

  2. No,no it's not backwards - it's mirror image :)! Anyway, it's nice to be different and individual.

  3. Oh but sweetie it's SO CUTE!!! Good job!!

  4. Hi, Laurie! Your block is perfect :o)


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