Saturday, March 24, 2012


Picture from Quilts of Valor
Hopefully, I got your attention.  My original title was "The Blog Fairies are at it again!"  But I thought I would get more readers with "Win Prizes".  Read on..............

I know many of you are like me - you see a pattern you like and you make your purchase or you bookmark the page for a later date.  OR, you see a perfect bundle of fabric for a project that you know you've wanted to tackle for awhile and you make your purchase.  THEN, the pattern gets added to the stack of books you want to peruse or it gets put into the top drawer of your sewing table.  The fabric arrives in the mail and you open it and feel it and remember how much better fabric looks in person! Maybe you even open it all up, line up the colors that look perfect together and get the plan ready in your head.  Then, you put the fabric back in the plastic bag and set it on your sewing table or cupboard or in my case - on the boxes that are in the corner of my teeny tiny room.  You continue to read blogs and get more ideas, see more incredible fabric and more amazing patterns that you just love.  And suddenly, that project that was so hot, gets buried.  The pattern gets buried with more magazines or maybe you move it to a drawer because it is collecting dust on the sewing table.  And the fabric gets buried with other more pressing projects - like your son's pants that need to be hemmed or the pants that need buttons sewn back on.  Or maybe like me, another humanitarian project needs to be taken care of right away.  And so it goes...............

Well, today my friend Barb over at Bejeweled Quilts helped me out with one of those BURIED projects.  I have wanted to make a Quilt of Valor for a very long time - over a year actually.  In January, I found this pattern for scrappy stars that I really liked and bookmarked (for future use! LOL)  In February,  I purchased this bundle because I thought it would make a great QOV quilt for a female soldier.  But the pattern stayed bookmarked and the fabric stayed buried - until today!! Marjorie from Marjorie's Quilting Bee and Tink Linhart from QOV have organized a blog hop to help us scatterbrains get focused and create our Quilt of Valor - NOW!  From April 2 - 6th, a blog hop will take place that includes - get this - a chance to win an Accuquilt GO Baby with some other fantastic prizes.  You will have until May 31st to complete your quilt.  There are specific requirements for the quilts - that information can be found here.  The link to Marjorie's blog is HERE for more information about the hop and the PRIZES!

Rock on blog fairies!!


  1. Thanks for the info on the size, I was going to add borders to the quilt I made yesterday and glad I had decided to do so so it fits the requirements.

  2. I won't have time but I can't wait to see what you make!

  3. And I'm not a good enough quilt maker :-) BUT what a great idea.
    Hope that other bundle of fluffy fun is still making you smile :-) X X X


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