Monday, May 28, 2012

Harper's Quilt

I finished it today!!  Look how pretty it is - and just look at the quilting done by none other than Joanne Lendaro of Insanely Cheap Quilting.  It is perfect - I am pleased and hope that Harper's Mommy will be too.

And of course, one more important thing:
Happy Memorial Day - thank you to past, present and future soldiers.  I am so grateful for your service and sacrifice.  And the sacrifice of your families.  I will always remember.


  1. I LOVE the quilt AND the quilting, how perfect! Love the pic of your boys too, I know EXACTLY what you mean about not taking family portraits, lol....

  2. Your finished quilt looks PERFECT, Laurie! I love it :O)

  3. You did a FABULOUS job on the quilt!! BOYS!! Yea...good luck with!!!


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