Friday, May 25, 2012

Quilt Poems

I am finishing up a baby quilt and remembered that I had once read a poem about not keeping the quilt as an heirloom, but to use it daily.  I found this site - The Golden Thimble - and found a poem similar to what I remembered.  I'd like to share it with you.  I also found another poem that I hadn't read before and it was a hoot, so it will follow the gift poem.  Hope you like them!!  (If you happen to know the authors of either poem, please comment and I will include them)  Thanks for stopping by!!

This Quilt
This quilt is made of cloth and thread.
To place upon your little bed.
It's not an heirloom - just to keep,
But to lay upon as you count sheep.
Or perhaps the floor's the perfect place,
For a doll and teddy picnic space.
This quilt can be anything you can dream-
From Superman's cape to the robe of a queen.
Pretend it's a raft adrift at sea,
Or just cuddle up when you watch TV. 
So use it up and wear it out-
I promise I won't yell or pout.
Just tell me when it's days are through,
And I'll make another, just for you.
          (Author Unknown)

My Wife, The Quilter

She learned to quilt on Monday,
Her stitches were very fine.
She forgot to thaw out dinner,
So we went out to dine.

She quilted miniatures Tuesday.
She says they are a must.
They really were quite lovely,
But she forgot to dust.

On Wednesday, it was a sampler.
She says the stipplin's fun.
What highlights! Oh what shadows!
But the laundry wasn't done.

Her charm quilt was on Thursday.
Green patches, blue and red.
I guess she really was engrossed,
She never made the bed.

It was wallhangings on Friday.
In colors she adores,
But she never seemed to notice,
The crumbs on all the floors.

I found a maid on Saturday.
My week is now complete.
My wife can quilt the hours away,
The house will still be neat.

Well, it's already Sunday,
I think I'm about to wilt.
I cursed, I raved, I ranted -
The MAID has learned to quilt!!
                 (Author Unknown)


  1. I LOVE them both, but I sure got a chuckle at the end of the second one.

  2. Oh Laurie that quilt is just stunning - I love it so much! Super effective in that colorway. The poems were great too, I love them both!

  3. Loved the quilt and poems...

  4. What a beautiful quilt! Great poems too! :0)

  5. I love the quilt! Beautiful. I am just finishing up a baby quilt and would love to use your first poem when I gift it! I can relate to the second poem...but I'm still waiting for the Maid. When I do get one I'll make sure she doesn't catch the quilting bug! Thanks so much for sharing Laurie.

  6. Well done, Laurie! Your quilt looks beautiful :o)

  7. Lovely quilt Laurie and yes I've read the second poem... so funny!
    ..and the 1st is lovely :)

  8. What a lovely quilt! The poems were great...I will share them with my sewing group tonight :)


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