Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mousie Girl

Isn't she adorable! Julia and I made this together yesterday.  You can find the pattern in this absolutely necessary book:
If you go to Amy's blog here you can even find FREE patterns!  Her patterns are easy to follow and her instructions are flawless.  A must have/terrific softie book for your crafting library. 


  1. I just love her designs. I have followed her for years and she has such a creative mind. Your little mouse is just darling. I could handle mice if they were that cute!!!!

  2. Oooooh boy! What a beautiful Mousie Girl! So sweet! So cute! Well done to Julia and to you too, Laurie :o) And this book look fantastic! I need one :o)
    lot of love from Russia

  3. I don't like mice, but I love your little mouse.. so cute//// I use to make mice similar to that pattern years ago and we would dress them in little dresses...

  4. I have the book but have still not made anything from it. Love your little mouse.


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