Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I need help

(This is an old photo from the blog)
We went on vacation last week to Bastrop State Park - it was beautiful and there were lots of trees - unlike where we are in the desert of West Texas.  I'll share some pictures with you in the coming days.  I also finished Julia's quilt top.  BUT, I can't upload any photos!! So frustrated - I'm not sure if it is a problem with my internet connection, my computer or Blogger itself.  Do any of you have any suggestions.  I can't even upload to Photobucket - HELP!!

I also wanted to let you know in the coming weeks I will be organizing a giveaway - I am trying to collect blocks for Quilts of Valor and I thought a giveaway would be a good incentive to help quilters donate blocks.  But I need to upload photos!! ARGH!!!!!


  1. Oh no!!! Are you using the new or the old blogger. I had real issues with the new one and switched back to the old one. I've not had probelms since.

  2. I always upload through Picasa and have had no problems. It could just be a temporary thing - I give another go after a few days. Look forward to seeing your holiday pics.

  3. Has your problem been solved? I never have problems with uploading pictures.

  4. Oh dear, Laurie, I have no idea - I use flickr and have no issues. I hope you can get some help!


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