Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flying Geese and Birds

Here's my Flying Geese block from Karen at Sew Many Ways BOM.  I'll tell you - she gives an awesome tutorial.  I've made a quilt - a long time ago - with flying geese and how I wish I had had her tutorial at the time.  If you want to check out the club, her badge is on my sidebar. 

I purchased Simplify a few weeks ago and just got it in the mail today.  Stash Books were having an awesome Spring Cleaning sale and I had to take advantage of it!  It's an awesome book with 10 easy to follow patterns and nice basic quilting hints in the beginning.  Here's my favorite quilt from the book:
Isn't it pretty?
I've set up my bird feeders and wanted to share some visitors with you.  We have a Purple Finch, a Common Sparrow, a Mourning Dove and a Bullock Oriole.  I haven't been able to get a shot of the Hummingbird yet.  Hope you enjoy the pictures! 
Thank you for welcoming me back - it was so nice to read your comments and emails.  I treasure my internet friends!  See you again soon :)


  1. Nice geese! Cool birds too! :0)

  2. Your flying geese look so crisp and neat. I have been looking up why we have to set the seam and why quilters don't press seams open. Setting the seam squishes the fabric around the thread so there are not little holes and garment sewers always press seams open so I have started pressing mine open and I love the finish it gives. Apparently hand pieced quilts need the seams pressed to one side because the stitches would gape otherwise. Why am I telling you this? Well flying geese is a good example of a block that would sit better if all the seams were pressed open. What are your thoughts?
    I love the little birds. The orioles are so pretty. The prettiest bird we get here is the rainbow lorikeet.

  3. Laurie you never left blog land yer know :-)
    Ah, thanks for showing the birds, cos we have different one's. The robins are different from those in the U.S.. Our European Robins :-) have fledged.. a payback for Frankie de tabby last year.I am pleased in a way that he is now too slow to catch a cold.
    We think there were four fledglings and that is a good number. It's cost us a fortune in meal worms :-) BUT WORTH IT :-) X X X
    Give that young Prince one special hug tonight x

  4. Sorry, forgot to mention the flying geese :-) One of the first quilt notions I knew :-) x x x

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