Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo 20/366

"Ghost Shoe"

The story behind this picture:
Karl, Julia and I were waiting for our pizza in a small town near our hometown last night.  The pizza joint and the police department are two of only a few businesses that remain open in this town.  The town had it's heyday once, but now life is pretty non-existent - besides the pizza customers and a small grey fox that we saw run across the road, up a tree and onto the roof of an empty building.  We decided to take a walk as we waited for the pizza to cook.  I love to window shop - even into stores that no longer carry merchandise.  We came upon this store that almost seemed to serve as an apartment one long ago day.  I saw this teal shoe laying amidst the debris and knew I had my picture of the day.  Except I didn't have my camera!! UGH!  Anyway, Karl used his phone to take the picture for me.  The shoe lay in the dirt and dust, calling to me to tell me it's story.  I imagined it's owner fastening the buckle one Saturday night - in haste to get to the dance.  I imagined it being thrown on the floor in the early morning hours of Sunday and then being put on once again for Sunday Church services.  And now it lay, all alone - a story waiting to be told.  

What is also strange about this picture is as Karl tried to focus on the shoe, small blurry white clouds danced across his phone screen.  "Did you see that?" I asked him.  He hadn't noticed the life in the seemingly dead frame - but I did and they continued to move for another few seconds. Karl thinks I am crazy - but I know that those movements on the screen were ghosts - letting us know they approved.  Or maybe disapproved?!! It was an amazing experience for me - one I won't forget for a long time!


  1. What an interesting experience. I hope they were happy ghosts.

  2. The fact that the photo was taken on a phone only adds to the ghostly story!

  3. That is an awesome story. Loved it! So why don't you open a quilt shop there and call it the Happy shoe quilt store?

  4. So good to see you are on no 20 :-)
    Unlike me, I keep promises to other'but never to myself :-)
    I am expendable :-)
    Like here there are so many place's that are, not trading anymore. RECESSION ? IS THAT TWO S's OR ONE ?
    Two C's or one. The trouble with our country ...... not enough education..
    Hum. Such a shame.
    Have to say, I love this photo, no matter what it was taken on :-)
    You have an eye for art :-)
    :-) X X X

  5. Lucky you had the phone to take the pic as you never know when an opportunity for our daily photos will present itself. I love how you have imagined the story behind the shoe :)

  6. I did see the 'clouds' and actually caught some of one cloud in a picture just prior to the one you show. If you would like, I can send it to you, unless some ghost in another 'cloud' prevents it from reaching you! ;-)

    I also love your eye for art, think it must have been on vacation when you saw me. Then again, I just love your beautiful eyes anyway. Always have, always will. Maybe that's how you found me because I got list in those eyes.

    1. That would be lost in your eyes, of course!

  7. VERY, VERY, VERY Cool picture!! It really does make you wonder what the story was....I'm sure we could imagine a (story) much more interesting than the truth. lol!!


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