Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Please help Quilts of Valor

Sharing this information from Mary at Making Stash Quilts from Stash:

Quilts of Valor

I received this email and thought I’d pass along the information in case any of my readers are able to help.
I know you support Quilts of Valor and I wanted to point out to you that they have a special group request for a squadron coming home to Ft. Riley (Kansas) after a tour with many injuries and losses in Afghanistan. They are trying to get close to 400 quilts. Further information including contact information can be found here: I wondered whether your group has any quilts they could contribute? I just mailed 8 myself but they are still 200 short. Thank you! Regards, Almut


  1. Thanks for passing this on....

  2. checked their website and didn't see a size preference. want to help. as the mom of 2 sons and a daughter-in-law who have all served a tour, i know the importance of this. thanks

  3. Cindi - I can't get in touch with you - you are a no reply blogger - you can get all the requirements here:

    And then there is a lot more information on the left sidebar. Thanks for responding to this need.


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