Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 58/366 and Prince!

Well, hello there!  A few things to chat about - first we have a new addition to our family!  He is our photo of the day :) His name is Prince and I must say that we owe him all to our friend Midge!  Without Midge, he would not be with our family!! Midge has a wonderful blog about her English cottage Soggibottom.  It is there that I learned about her love of Cavaliers.  I met her dear Amie Soto Blossom a few years ago and now know read all about Midges' Freya and Frankie as they share their lives with us on Catflap Cavalier.  If you have a minute or two, visit Midge at Soggibottom or the wild life at Catflap Cavalier.  You won't be disappointed!  

OK - here is Prince!  He is an 11 month old King Charles Spaniel or Cavalier.  He is in desparate need of a grooming - but I just had to show him off to you.  He is a doll and our Oreo is adjusting well to him.  I have a feeling they will become great friends.  Here are some more pictures of Prince:
Will this be happening every day?
Can I get some sleep already??
OK - just one more.................
YAY! We're done!!!
Another thing that I wanted to tell you about is that Karl purchased an Acer tablet for me a few weeks ago.  I had researched tablets and found one that was best suited for me.  It was hard to get used to at first - with a tablet you have to add "apps" for certain things to happen.  Well, I guess I am just an old fashioned girl, because I really don't like the tablet :(  I missed my keyboard, I missed being able to just do what I wanted to do - when I wanted to without having to install an "app".  Maybe I'm spoiled or just not used to change.  So, I'm back on my laptop and hoping that Best Buy will accept my tablet back.  Keep your fingers crossed that I can return it!  

While using the tablet, I was able to visit your blogs, but had difficulty leaving comments - both because of my inability to manuever my fat fingers on the touch screen and also because of the word verification problems that Blogger has been experiencing.  I hope to be back visiting, commenting and responding to your comments here.  Oh, how I missed my laptop!!  

Have a great day and thanks for visiting :)


  1. Laurie, what a doll your Prince! Congrats to you!
    Hope you`ll get back your laptop :o)
    have a nice week

  2. Hi Laurie :-)
    Well just look at that :-) I see young Prince has found a good leather chair :-) What a great ending for this little fellow to find such a loving and caring family to spend his life with. Amie Soto Blossom look a like :-) Bet he will love ice cream :-) Sleep well endearing Prince.

    Lots of love Midge and Freya Rose Blossom X

  3. He DOES look like Amie!!! Ah how sweet - if I were to get another dog, I think it would be a Cavalier, I so loved Amie and adore Freya too.

    I hope they take your tablet back - don't think I would like one either!

  4. He is gorgeous! Welcome Prince, I hope we will be seeing lots more photos of you :)

  5. The sleeping dog is definitely my favorite. so peaceful. so sweet!
    But then, the one above that is very cute too and so is the first one.
    I guess your dog is just very very cute!!!


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