Friday, March 9, 2012

In the funk

Been in a photo/sewing/health funk lately.  BUT - I have enjoyed visiting your blogs and seeing your inspiration and creativity.  Thank God for the blogging world that I belong to!!  Here are some blogs that continually keep me smiling (wish I could include them all here!) Thank you my friends :)

and of course Sweet P!


  1. Enjoy your time Laurie. It's been nice having you visit.

  2. Hey you!! I know right where you are coming from!! I've been in a funk and not reading and reaching out to you and all of the wonderful bloggin' gals. Spring is right around the corner, I'm hopin' it brings us all out of the funk and gets us back on track!! HUGS!!!!!

  3. Oh you're such a sweet lady Laurie :-)
    Thankyou for including me on your list.
    We all have our funks... and in time they pass... so sorry you're not feeling well presently... hugs!! xox

    Hang in there and enjoy a book or go investigate a flower up close. Vitamin B is my best friend when I'm feeling low.
    Take care and I'm glad you posted xox
    You inspire me!!! :D

  4. Well.....wish I could you you out of your funk, I am kinda in one myself. I have only sew twice this week...and really don't care to get back in there but I have a quilt to still needs binding...won't you come and do it for me????? Maybe that will help you....or I can come your way and we can play? Hummmm that sounds even more fun since my sons call Texas the "Motherland"...

  5. Aren't we lucky to have such great inspiration?

  6. So many to visit and do the garden :-) AND WALK THE MUTT :-)
    :-) X X X

  7. Sorry you are down, but so pleased that you enjoy a bit of blog hopping! Love the little fairy in the photo :) Take care :D

  8. You are such a swwet heart, Laurie! And people like you inspire me too!!!

  9. Sorry about your funk, but this too shall pass! And thanks for including me on your list! I'm in some fine company there! :0)


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