Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 184/366

This is how I have felt in the terrific heat..................
Suzi is one of the dogs my daughter Julia has been dog sitting for.  They are miniature Daschunds.  Her sister Sparks is just as cute  - take a look!


  1. Too hot here for me this year. Cute dogs.

  2. We hardly had a summer Laurie, it was so wet and cold. Now our winter is very dry but still cold. I don't envy you the heat! The dog sitting must make it easier to keep your daughter's mind off the heat.

  3. The heat is always hard and so draining. Ours was a wet weird summer this past season.
    Those doggies are so cute!!

  4. Great photos of the doggies, they look like they enjoyed being photographed :)


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