Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My First Granny Square!

I took the plunge along with some many others and tried my hand at the Granny Square.  Here it is - booboo and all.   I actually enjoyed putting this together - didn't worry that much about the seams because I knew it was just a practice.  Now I know I can do this too!!  If you haven't tried one - here is the tutorial I used from Blue Elephant Stitches. 


  1. Good try. Boo boo's are not always bad.

  2. I've printed out the directions for this one so it's on my list. Mine will be scrappy though. Must use up those scraps! LOL

  3. I keep saying that I am going to jump in here and haven't done it yet.

  4. Hi, Laurie! Well done to you! You clever thing :o) Love your firrst square. Sooo cute!
    I made my button and will put your on my blog as well :o)
    Have a nice day
    Kisses to Family

  5. Congrats on giving it a go. I started to learn how to quilt, but don't have the space right now to keep it up. Best wishes in your new venture.


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